Happy New Year! Benedictions For 2018

Happy New Year! Buh-bye 2017 and hello 2018! So excited to see ya. Needed this year to be OVER already and it feels like I’ve been waiting forEVER. (I’m also on pins and needles excited for Grown-ishBlack Panther and A Wrinkle in Time). Yayyyy, 2018! 🎆🎆🎆

I know it’s not even 10PM here in Jamaica, but my church is headquartered in Nigeria and we just live-streamed the NYE service and it’s after midnight there, so you will take these new year felicitations and bask in the joy with me, ok? Awesome!

Since we do still have a few more hours to kill in 2017, I want to share some things with you today as we close out this year and flow into another. December has been our month of benedictions at church, meaning we were encouraged to speak blessings over our lives and the lives of our loved ones and the people we come in contact with on a daily basis. Words work. Words have power. God spoke words to create this vast universe. And even those who don’t believe in God know the power of words, don’t they?

We’re blowing out the embers of 2017, but it’s not too late to speak some blessings over your own life and the lives of your loved ones, to lay a nice foundation for what you’re all going to be pursuing in 2018. Here are two of my faves. Feel free to adapt them (change “our” and “us” to “my” and “me”, etc).



My sincere thanks to every one of you who has taken the time to read my thoughts here on the blog. I hope something you’ve read has made you chuckle, laugh out loud, think, or do something. Walk in the blessings, grace and peace of God throughout 2018 and beyond, my friends!

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