Why Are So Many People BIG MAD About Viola Davis’ Oscar Acceptance Speech?

Let’s get one thing straight right out the gate: Viola Davis is a walking, talking acting masterclass. I will brook no opposition. I mean, did you SEE this scene from How to Get Away with Murder? That, in my opinion, sealed her 2015 Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Shoot, they would have given her a second one for the rest of her work that season if it was allowed. I watched that scene while giving her a standing ovation. I had chills. Queen Viola is phenomenal and peerless and regal and amazing, and she finally won an Academy Award last night for her work in the movie Fences. (Let us not even go into the fact that she should have been in the Best Actress category, not Best Supporting Actress.)

Black excellence personified, tbh (Collage from @fyeahtgawm on Twitter)

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#FavouriteFinds: Oti Mabuse – #BlackGirlMagic In The Ballroom

Anyone who knows me knows I am o b s e s s e d with dancing and dance shows. I was a ballerina in a past life, and y’all can’t tell me different. Anyway… I’ve watched any and every dance show that’s ever been on a screen in my lifetime, and will continue to do so as long as I live.

My Find for today, and one of my WCEs, is the petite lioness from Pretoria, South Africa, Otlile “Oti’ Mabuse. She is 5’4” of ballroom badassery, and she shines like a glitterball on the dance floors of both Strictly Come Dancing in the UK, and Let’s Dance in Germany.

Body goals, tbh. And she’s so cute!

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#FeatureFriday: Yanique Griffiths And The Vision Project Company

There are many great quotes out there about the importance of having a vision, but perhaps the most powerful one is from the Good Book: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18a) It’s vital to have vision for our lives, or we find ourselves stumbling around, trying to figure out just what we’re supposed to do and where we’re supposed to go, and being miserable and unfulfilled in the process. Speaking from experience, I can tell you plainly: it stinks.

It’s still early days yet in the new year, so we have time to sit and ponder or pray and seek a vision for our lives. I reached out to my friend Yanique Griffiths, the heart and mind behind The Vision Project Company, which aims to help adults, children, couples, groups and even business teams learn how to set the right vision for their lives and projects. She shares how she approaches vision setting, the importance of faith, and how she helps others pursue their purpose.

Yanique with students during a vision board making session

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Foreign People Really Need Fi Stop Clown Jamaican Food

Earlier this week, Chrissy Teigen – model, foodie and author of the cookbook Cravings (also John Legend’s wife, Luna’s mama and clapback queen), took to Twitter to voice her frustration about not being able to find scotch bonnet peppers in LA. The antennae of several members of Jamaican Twitter went up, and excitement peaked when she shared that she was making oxtail stew, and it involved lots of seasoning and Jamaican curry powder (I don’t know of us currying oxtail, so I’m guessing it’s either Thai or some sort of fusion dish.) Anyway, the long and short of it is that she was practically adopted by Jamaican Twitter, and she liked the idea.

That was nice.

Now, fast forward to yesterday, when the picture below began to make the rounds, catching the eye and raising the ire of Jamaicans on all social media platforms:

*kills it with fire* 😷

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#FavouriteFinds: We Will Worship

Welcome to Favourite Finds! Occasionally, I’ll discover a great artiste, book, place or something that has been around for a while, but is new to me. (Kinda like Signore Christopher Columbus and these Indies.) Since these finds are new to me, I figure they’ll be new to other people as well, and since I’m working on being more generous, I thought I’d share them with y’all 😊

My first Find of 2017 is We Will Worship, a group of praise and worship artists from South Africa. They describe themselves as “friends together on a journey,” and make it clear that they’re “not a band but a movement.”

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On Social Media Breaks And Self Care In The Age Of Trump And Incessant Angst And Anger

Hi! Happy new year! I know January’s gone and we’re, like, halfway through February already, but I can still say that because this is my first post of 2017. Besides, it’s my blog; I can do whatever I want 😛.


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