Foreign People Really Need Fi Stop Clown Jamaican Food

Earlier this week, Chrissy Teigen – model, foodie and author of the cookbook Cravings (also John Legend’s wife, Luna’s mama and clapback queen), took to Twitter to voice her frustration about not being able to find scotch bonnet peppers in LA. The antennae of several members of Jamaican Twitter went up, and excitement peaked when she shared that she was making oxtail stew, and it involved lots of seasoning and Jamaican curry powder (I don’t know of us currying oxtail, so I’m guessing it’s either Thai or some sort of fusion dish.) Anyway, the long and short of it is that she was practically adopted by Jamaican Twitter, and she liked the idea.

That was nice.

Now, fast forward to yesterday, when the picture below began to make the rounds, catching the eye and raising the ire of Jamaicans on all social media platforms:

*kills it with fire* 😷

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Let’s Talk About Shaunae Miller’s Desperate Dive For Olympic Gold In The Women’s 400m

It was the splash heard ’round the world.

No, I’m not talking about Yona Knight-Wisdom’s amazing performance in the 3m springboard diving competition. I’m talking about Bahamian Shaunae Miller’s desperate lunge for the finish line in the women’s 400m to deny America’s Allyson Felix the gold medal.

By any means necessary?

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