#FeatureFriday: Yanique Griffiths And The Vision Project Company

There are many great quotes out there about the importance of having a vision, but perhaps the most powerful one is from the Good Book: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18a) It’s vital to have vision for our lives, or we find ourselves stumbling around, trying to figure out just what we’re supposed to do and where we’re supposed to go, and being miserable and unfulfilled in the process. Speaking from experience, I can tell you plainly: it stinks.

It’s still early days yet in the new year, so we have time to sit and ponder or pray and seek a vision for our lives. I reached out to my friend Yanique Griffiths, the heart and mind behind The Vision Project Company, which aims to help adults, children, couples, groups and even business teams learn how to set the right vision for their lives and projects. She shares how she approaches vision setting, the importance of faith, and how she helps others pursue their purpose.

Yanique with students during a vision board making session

Q: How and why did you start The Vision Project Company?
VP started roughly eight or so years ago. I was the facilitator of groups (mostly women) at differing ages and stages and noticed that there were similarities in all of us as it related to engaging life intentionally. Most of us wanted to, but had some difficulty sifting through the noise and focusing on living purposefully.

Q: I noticed from the Vision Project’s Instagram page that you host Vision Sessions (groups, couples, etc). Not to give away trade secrets, but what is involved in one of these sessions?
It’s tough to fully describe in words. Honestly, it has to be experienced. People are so very different and are at varying places in their lives. The sessions take into account differing and similar life stages of individuals, couples, and groups to provide a customized experience. Fundamentally, each session helps unearth individual challenges and possible hindrances while guiding people through a process of unique self-discoveries and essence affirmations.

Yanique with the management team of PepsiCo in Detroit after a session.

Q: How important is it for us to have vision, especially at the start of the year, when everyone is used to making resolutions and planning what they hope to achieve over the next 11 months?
A vision can create value, provide perspective, engender commitment and assure resolve. The wrong vision can be a virus that becomes harmful to an individual and egregious to the world. Conversely, the right vision can re-frame and reorder someone’s perspective in such a way that they are released from flawed indices of success to pursue life-altering purpose with passion and a deep sense of surety. Everyone has a vision of something. It’s important to use the times when we’re most conscious of resolutions to reshape, refine, or clean the lenses through which we see and engage the world. I guess my answer is that it’s very important. 😊

Q: You always cite Habakkuk 2:2 in your hashtags – write the vision and make it plain. How does being a Christian impact how you do your own ‘visioneering’?
My Christian faith is paramount in visioneering. Vision casting is beyond sketching a mere wish list for self-gratification. Rather, it is a discovery of God’s preferred future for others through me. As I uncover God’s intent for me, I’m more focused in my efforts to serve. As I see what God sees, I can write or draft what I see. My declaration of what I’m shown becomes a reality because God is speaking it into existence through me. He graciously invites me into divine partnership. I can remain confident and steadfast in what I’ve seen because Habukkuk reminds me, “For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” (Habakkuk‬ ‭2:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

Q: What advice would you give to someone who:
     a) is struggling to ‘see’ a vision for their lives (or the year)?
“Seeing” isn’t always a one-time or static thing. Embrace the struggle. We live in a culture that shies away from struggle and pain. It is the journey and the desire to “see” that is beautiful. It takes time to unpack and offload some of what we’ve learned for over 20+ or 30+ years. Sensing that God has something greater for you is where it all begins. Struggle is what sometimes causes us to pause, slow down, and listen to a God who speaks.

     b) has problems following through on their vision?
Accountability is a great way to ensure that you stay the course and keep the vision alive. You have to also resist the temptation to revert to accomplishing a task simply to check them off of a to-do list. Rather, spend more time clarifying and refining your visions. This is important because you’re in a process of unloading some old goals as you’re shaping new realities.

Notes from a vision board making session: What are some of the things that hinder your vision?

Q: How do you teach your children, Seth and Hannah, about the importance of vision, especially at such young ages?
One of the things my husband and I are intentional about is affirming what both the children are hearing, seeing, sensing, and feeling in their spirits. We don’t take their dreams, visions, nightmares or “random words” lightly. We ask them to explain as best as they can and dialogue with each other about what that could mean. I take the time to hear about their favorite athletes and ballet dancers, favorite phrases, and pictures that they like. I print out what they’ve shared with us and have them tape it on their own vision walls.

Q: What is your vision for The Vision Project Company? Where do you see it in the next few years?
While I don’t really know where it will be or even where I want it to be in the next few years, my hope is that it evolves into more than I could have imagined. I see VP being present with people at their toughest and most uncertain hours, and celebrating with them in their most assured and greatest days.

Quick Questions

Q: My website is called Written by Tracey, so of course I have to ask, what was the last thing you wrote?
I’m not really sure but it’s either a letter to myself in my journal or a note to my husband and children.

Q: And since I firmly believe reading puts the FUN in fundamental, what is the last thing you read?
The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary W Keller with Jay Papasan

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19 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday: Yanique Griffiths And The Vision Project Company”

  1. This is so necessary. SO necessary. I truly enjoyed reading this article because I don’t think people take the time to silence the noise and tap into the definition of true vision — one that’s grounded in a deeper meaning. Reading this article took me back to my experience participating in VP’s vision board party three summers ago. As someone who is so caught up with being intentional and planning for every moment, the VP requires that you take a step back and assess your goals, your intentions, and root them in something greater than yourself: God’s purpose for you. I still have my vision board, and though some desires have changed since then, the fundamental desire for me to do what God wills has made it all the more relevant as I traverse through various stages in my life. I’m so thankful to have been apart of the VP and I’m excited to see it work in other people’s lives as it’s worked in mine.


    1. So nice to hear from one of Yanique’s pals. Thank you so much for sharing, Raquel! I’d really love to have a session with her, but I’m all the way in Jamaica. I’ll have to see if I can convince her to do it by Skype 🙂 I struggle in this area, despite my best intentions. I think I might be revisiting the subject of vision setting at other points throughout the year.


  2. Such an inspiring article. It is truly a gift to live out your purpose and the visions God has given you. Many people choose to ignore or run away from their visions, scared of where it may lead them but to help others put those visions to fruition is so beautiful. God has a purpose for us all but to help people reach them is incredible!


  3. Simone is so right in what she said about people choosing to ignore or run away from their visions. I am one such person. While I know what my purpose here on earth is I am yet to BOLDLY step into that purpose and live a life that is truly fulfilling and meaningful. I think Yanique and The Vision Project Company could be of help, by assisting me in unearthing some of those things which might be holding me back. I plan to sign up for one of her Vision Boarding Sessions real soon. Thanks Tracey for this awesome article.


  4. Tracey, thank you for sharing this company to us. It is not often you find society highlighting what God’s intention for our destiny. I am so glad you steppout in faith and used your blog to share the truth of God word in a way that even the unbeliever can relate to the need of connecting to ones purpose. I pray that your blog reachest to the ends of the earth in hopes of Gloring His name. Keep writting my Dear!

    Mrs. Apau


    1. I receive that blessing. Thank you, my sister. This is one of the main reasons I started to blog, to share the stories of what some of my awesome friends are doing to impact the world. God bless you!


  5. Having a community of Visionaries that’s backed with constructive thinking and doing is imperative. A lot of times we (including myself) are distracted by the “what if’s” and the fear that we may not Have everything in a certain time to complete our vision. I’m truly happy we have havens like this to go to when we don’t know exactly what the next step may look like. The Vision Project for me, helped me curate my deepest dreams by not only constructing what I want my reality to look like on paper, but having what I desire visually infront of me and watching how I accomplish small tasks that ultimately match the bigger picture.


  6. Wonderful article! I especially loved the part about struggle being something to be embraced, oftentimes we shy away from struggles (which is natural), so this challenged my point of view.

    Also, love vision boarding as a spiritual act; seeking God’s face, hearing His voice and bringing forth His vision instead of trying to force our own ideals.


  7. Powerful. Simply powerful. Yanique, you are so profound in your messaging and your conviction for transforming people’s lives through the process of vision casting is remarkably inspiring. Thank you for your work, for your commitment, and for your passion.

    Tracey thank you for bringing this to light and for sharing Yanique’s story with the world!


  8. I am so proud of Yanique and what she’s doing with the gifts and talents that she has been legitimately given by our Heavenly Father. So many of us are afraid to step out and satisfy the yen that God created in our hearts, all the while seeking to help others in the process. But, Yanique is doing it. And, the ease and poise with which she does it, it is clear she is walking in her purpose.

    Yanique, The Vision Project Company is clearly a worthwhile company and there are many of us who could benefit from your wisdom and unique style. I am sure you are well aware that those of us who need it most are those of us who are likely to congratulate you from a distance, a little bit fearful of the the lens of your microscope.

    So, congratulations my niece! May God continue to strengthen your resolve to make an impact on this world, one individual or organization at a time.

    Tracey, I applaud you for the great job that you do with Written by Tracey. May the ink of your pen never run dry.



  9. Reading this article has been a pleasant trip down memory lane. I attended my first VP session three years ago. It was absolutely life changing. My vision board STILL sits in my bedroom.

    The emphasis of the Vision Project is on process, not product. MAJOR KEY! It encompasses sharing and learning from one another, self-discovery and truly walking in your divine purpose.

    Yanique is truly in her element when she curates and executes each session. As she stated, you have to experience it to fully grasp how phenomenal and life changing it is.

    I read from your response that you’re in Jamaica and that you’d love to experience a VP session. I’m enthusiastically awaiting an international VP session. I cannot wait to see what’s next. This is great.


  10. I love this article!
    It reminds me that I am still yet to live up to my God given purpose. A vision board is a good way to start.
    Keep allowing God to guide you Yanique.
    You are truly an inspiration.


  11. I truly enjoyed reading this article, and learning how VP has evolved over the years. I too was a part of one of Yanique’s vision projects which feels like forever ago, hehe. What I gathered from my experience was beyond my anticipation. Meeting with a group of women from all walks of life , and finding that we all had some similarities and many differences in the way we looked at life, and what we wanted our lives to be like. Before the project, I hadn’t thought of many longterm goals, as I felt they were not measurable. I focused on my day to day, week by week goals and truly didn’t feel the fulfillment I knew life had to offer me. This project opened my eyes, to dreams and goals I didn’t even know I had. Seeing my scrambled images and thoughts come to life on my vision board was amazing and emotional at the same time. The one thing that really resignated with me after we all shared our visions, was the prayer session we participated in, where we found a partner, held them close and shared a moment of pure enlightenment. I thank Yanique for allowing me to share in this experience and helping me solidify my endless thoughts.


  12. “How important is it for us to have vision…?” Yanique’s response to that question in particular stirred an uncomfortable conviction within lol.

    Seriously speaking though, my husband and I have done vision project sessions with Yanique and having to unearth my past in order to see my purpose through a clearer lens was difficult yet satisfying. Each session I was terrified of what I’d have to confront but I always left feeling significantly unburdened.

    I haven’t had the guts to bring myself back to continue on the journey as I’m stuck at the answer to that question above; making sure not to be enticed by the doings of others with a similar vision and ensuring that I have surety of purpose.

    Yanique is beautifully and uniquely gifted in her ability to help you unload. I think I need another VP meeting! I’m truly excited to see her company blossom and transform lives.


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