Why Would Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce ‘Badmind’ Elaine Thompson? Stop The Foolishness!

Amidst the amazing accomplishments of our athletes at the recently concluded Rio Olympics, Jamaica was rocked by the news that our darling Pocket Rocket, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, would be leaving the MVP Track Club at the end of the season. “What?!” “How?!” “WHY?!” “NOOO!!!” Those were my reactions, and I’m sure a lot of Jamaicans felt the same. This is the club that made her – and it wouldn’t be wrong to say she helped make it, too, as its first Olympic medallist; gold, no less. It was certainly a shock to the system.nooooooo_elf

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5 Things To Do Now That Olympics 2016 Is Over

The 2016 Olympic Games are over. No more world records, controversial decisions, victory dances and singing along to our National Anthem as our athletes collect their gold medals. No more DeBolt bromance. No more ham-fisted commentary and awkward interviews from the ESPN Caribbean crew of Grace Jackson, Felix Sanchez, et al. No more contextual analysis and statistics from Bruce James and the TVJ panel (no, they’re not paying me, but I will never defile my eyes by watching anything on CVM.) I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to come down from the high just yet.


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5 Ways Usain Bolt Can Participate In The Tokyo 2020 Olympics

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Usain Bolt, aided by his three teammates in the 4x100m relay, pulled off the unprecedented triple-triple – three gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games – and there’s already a gaping hole where he used to be. Sure, he’ll be present and accounted for at the World Championships in London next year, but he won’t be going for another triple, so it won’t be the same.


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On Yona Knight-Wisdom’s Historic Performance And Jamaica’s Potential For Glory In Olympic Diving

Lemme start this post by bigging up my ‘cousin’* Yona Knight-Wisdom, who created history as the first man to represent Jamaica in diving at the Olympics. He was the only Caribbean representative in Rio, and but for two bad rounds in the semis, would have been on his way to the finals right now. Yona, you have done us proud. I know you’re disappointed, but be sure that you have a bright future ahead and Jamaica is excited for you. I hope you stay the course and continue working towards Tokyo 2020. The experience you have gained in Rio will only help you.

Collage from @TeamJamaica

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Let’s Talk About Shaunae Miller’s Desperate Dive For Olympic Gold In The Women’s 400m

It was the splash heard ’round the world.

No, I’m not talking about Yona Knight-Wisdom’s amazing performance in the 3m springboard diving competition. I’m talking about Bahamian Shaunae Miller’s desperate lunge for the finish line in the women’s 400m to deny America’s Allyson Felix the gold medal.

By any means necessary?

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I Could Never Be An Olympic Athlete

When the good Lord was handing out athletic prowess to Jamaicans, He saw me approaching the top of the line, sighed and said, “No, baby love. I will give you strong carpal tunnels instead, because you’ll be writing writing writing.” I have no physical talents whatsoever, pretty much failing my way through PE every term of the three years I suffered through it in high school. I was also just not interested, so Miss Lyngo had absolutely nothing to work with out there.

My interest in sports is purely from an observer’s standpoint. I am a proud couch potato pundit. My only exertion comes from screaming, jumping, and dang near flipping my furniture as I cheer for my favourites. Being a fan is fun, but it’s also hella hard on my fragile nerves, which is how I know that even if I had been blessed with the talent, I could never make it as an elite, Olympic athlete.

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This Couch Potato Sports Analyst is Ready for Olympics 2016!

Can you feel the shift in the air? The palpable excitement and nervous buzz? Do you feel even more patriotic Jamaican pride coursing through your body, knowing that our Emancipendence time has coincided with the start of Olympics 2016? Well, I do! I am almost beside myself with excitement and nerves as I wait to see what Team Jamaica will do at the Greatest Show on Earth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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According to Facebook, I Might Have Been Depressed

I love Facebook’s On This Day app, which allows you to see all the posts you made or were tagged in on each day of the year, dating back to the time you signed up. I’ve had a chuckle or an outright belly laugh at some of the things I’ve written there, and enjoyed reliving a few memories. I’ve rediscovered a few things about myself, too:

  • I’m a joker.
  • I love to quote random song lyrics.
  • I had a tumultuous public ‘love affair’ with Asafa Powell.
  • I’m almost rabid in my support of Team Jamaica at international sporting events.
  • I was borderline depressed.

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How Luvvie, A Romance Novel & A Friend Helped Inspire Me to Blog Again

As I indicated in my bio, I’ve been blogging on and off for more than seven years. I have tried different names and different platforms, but for some reason, I just never kept up with it consistently, and ended up scrapping each blog after a few months. The one prior to this website, Write-Overthink-Rewrite, is the only thing that’s still up to bear witness.

So, here we go again. For the umpteenth time, welcome to my blog!

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