This Couch Potato Sports Analyst is Ready for Olympics 2016!

Can you feel the shift in the air? The palpable excitement and nervous buzz? Do you feel even more patriotic Jamaican pride coursing through your body, knowing that our Emancipendence time has coincided with the start of Olympics 2016? Well, I do! I am almost beside myself with excitement and nerves as I wait to see what Team Jamaica will do at the Greatest Show on Earth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


There have been reports that some accommodations are less than satisfactory for our athletes, and we are all aware of the convergence of catastrophe going on in parts of Brazil right now – the extreme poverty in the areas surrounding the Olympics epicentre, Zika, violence, etc. Our team has been given security that would probably make a head of state jealous, for crying out loud. But amidst all of that, I’m confident our athletes are ok and will do well.

I’ll be blogging about the Olympics for, where I used to work. I’ll gather all the links here as they are posted. Look out for profiles, random facts, my non-expert analysis and more.

I’m so excited!!! Let the games begin!


My Olympics posts

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