#FeatureFriday: Lucet Montgomery Is The Perfume Boss At Shop LueCity

If you’re in the market for a new fragrance, or looking to find your signature scent, then you need to know Lucet Montgomery, aka Perfume Boss. I met Lucet in sixth form at St Jago High. She has always been all things glamorous and fashionable, so it’s no surprise to me that she’s ventured into the business of selling fragrances. In addition to her business, she also juggles motherhood and a full-time job, so she is one busy lady! I added yet one more item to her plate this week, but she came through for ya girl. Check out our chat below to find out some of her favourite scents and why she doesn’t like one of the all-time greats, get fragrance recommendations for spring and summer (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming soon!), learn some dos and don’ts, and much more.

Lucet the Perfume Boss @ WERK during last month’s Women’s Expo at Wolmer’s Boys School

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#FeatureFriday: Donalee Curtis – ‘Reckless’ Dream Chaser & Her Sisters’ Keeper

If you’re a local social media addict, you might have seen the Youtube video ‘American Learns To Speak Jamaican Patois making the rounds on social media about a year ago, featuring my girl Donalee Curtis teaching her friend, makeup artist JKissa, some current patwa (that’s how I like to spell it) phrases. Their hilarious patwa experiment even made its way to Smile Jamaica, It’s Morning Time on TVJ. “My family and friends were calling me and sending me videos of themselves watching it. That was such an amazing feeling. All I want to do is make my country proud, even if it’s just through a fun video. As for JKissa, I think she is just as shocked as I am,” she said.

Donalee in her element (c) Flannery Underwood

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#FeatureFriday: Meet Janeth Benjamin, Author Of Bloom By 30

If you’ve read my first post, you will remember that I credited three sources of inspiration for my return to the blogosphere – Luvvie, my favourite blogger; Amelia, a fictional character in a romance novel; and my friend Janeth Benjamin, who took the bull by the horns and self-published a book. I also promised that she’d be the first person I featured in what I hope to be monthly interviews or profiles with some of the cool, interesting and enterprising people I know. So, here goes:


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