#FavouriteFinds: We Will Worship

Welcome to Favourite Finds! Occasionally, I’ll discover a great artiste, book, place or something that has been around for a while, but is new to me. (Kinda like Signore Christopher Columbus and these Indies.) Since these finds are new to me, I figure they’ll be new to other people as well, and since I’m working on being more generous, I thought I’d share them with y’all 😊

My first Find of 2017 is We Will Worship, a group of praise and worship artists from South Africa. They describe themselves as “friends together on a journey,” and make it clear that they’re “not a band but a movement.”

I was minding my own business on YouTube and saw the thumbnail for the video above, Like Oil, pop up in my recommendations. My first thought was “Is that Michelle Williams? Is she in a new group?” Look at the singer again and tell me if I lie. Anyway, I decided to check out the video because a) I’m always here for Michelle, b) I’m always on the lookout for great music – especially great Christian music, and c) how bomb is her outfit?

I was blown away by what I heard. Blown away, I say. The lyrics, the arrangement, the sincerity and emotion behind each word as the singers and musicians poured their hearts out unto the Lord. Of course, I fell down a We Will Worship rabbit hole (I’m typing from inside said rabbit hole, because it’s amazing down here and I don’t wanna leave!)

The song I keep coming back to is This I Know (Ungizungezile). It’s a combination of English and Zulu (South African folks in the comments section said so). I am obsessed with it. It’s breathtaking, even without the subtitles on the video translating the Zulu to English. I am also now potentially going to name my child Ungizungezile, which means ‘You (God) surround me.’ I’ll call him/her Zile (zi’leh) for short. Idc if s/he likes the name. I’m the mama, so deal.

I mean, get into these lyrics! I sincerely doubt there is a Christian alive who can say they’ve never felt far away from God, or that He is far away from them. That’s a lie of the devil, by the way. He just wants you to think that way so he can control you. God’s word says He is with us always. Most of Psalm 139 (1-18) is about how we don’t even think to say a word without God knowing before we do, so be not deceived, my friends.

So, give WWW a spin. Fall into the music like I did – more importantly, fall into the message. They have two albums and a couple of singles available on iTunes as well.

Happy listening!

4 thoughts on “#FavouriteFinds: We Will Worship”

  1. I discovered them 6 months ago after I gave my life to Christ and their worship is an anchor for my soul. Ive been in a rabbit hole eversince. Hahaha. They are awesome


  2. i happened to be at my mom’s when they played UNGIZUNGEZILE on tv and i was so blown away!!!! literally very few songs will do this to me. The presence of God was so present in that room as the song was playing. I’ts like everything just came to a stand still and it was just me and God fellowshiping


  3. So true. I love their music. God made sure I listened, putting it before me in a couple of different ways (though YouTube and through a friend) and now I’ve passed their stuff along to my mom. The music has really been a blessing to my spirit. God bless them for their yieldedness.


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