Tank Yu Jesas! Omar McLeod Tek Shame Outta Wi Eye At London 2017

I didn’t even realise that the men’s 110m hurdles finals were today, because I had determined in my heart not to watch any more of the events live, following the back-to-back days of pain we have experienced with Usain’s and Elaine’s losses at the World Championships. No, I was not ready, and I was not able, and I was not willing.

So when my friend Keresa (yes, she ina mi life like water ina everything lol) Whatsapped me and I saw ‘Omar!!!!!!’ I almost tripped over my laptop cord to get to the TV to watch the replay as we finally shook the monkey off our backs to claim our first title of these games.

We needed that. Jamaica needed that. The athletes in the camp definitely needed that. If we were so heartbroken out here, can you imagine what the morale must have been like amongst the team? Usain isn’t just a legend and an icon, he is the team’s captain, and if something goes wrong for the head, it trickles down and affects everyone else. That, compounded by Elaine’s shock loss the very next day must have sucked the life out of many of those yet to compete.

I was very concerned, especially amidst reports that several athletes have been affected by stomach issues and vomiting, Elaine amongst them. This blog is actually an edited version of what I was about to post, because I was just about to block road and demand justice, or call on the prayer warriors to let us touch and agree across this virtual plain to rebuke every weapon that the enemy’s trying to rise up against our team. You are cancelled, in the name of Jesus!

The bag that holds my glads has burst, and there is happiness in my heart again. I’ve watched the race over and over and over, because the two previous finals are dead to me and I will never set eyes on them again. You could see very clearly what this win meant to Omar, and he shouted his trademark ‘Tank yu Jesas!’ and jumped around in glee. Then that praise party he had with his momma in the stands. *clutches chest* I teared up and joined them in thanksgiving. I’m still smiling. I feel like I won a gold medal myself.

♪ The hills are alive with the sound of Dutchie covers ♫

And then the post race interviews! The magnitude of this achievement is not lost on him, as he spoke about doing it for Usain, Elaine, the rest of the team and Jamaica. He knew that he had several million people on his shoulders as he crossed that finish line, arms raised in celebration. He picked up the mantle of leadership and lit a spark to help light the path of those still competing or yet to go out there.

Congratulations Warrior Child! Yu tek shame outta wi eye and pain outta wi heart. We thank Jesus, and we thank you.

Now, I hear that you want to run a leg on the 4x100m relay team. I hope the powers that be at least allows you to try. I can’t wait to see what next year holds for you as you turn your attention to the flat 100m and the 200m. I’m assuming that might be speed work as you prepare to take down that 110m hurdles world record, but whatever your reasoning, I will be here in my living room knocking Dutchie covers for you.

I might still wimp it out and only watch the next few finals after hearing that the results are favourable to us. I’m not making any promises. But I feel better about things now. I’m still just 1/2 from 6 from my wishlist, but things are looking up.

Big up to every member of Team Jamaica who has competed so far, and those yet to compete. You all make me proud.

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