Tank Yu Jesas! Omar McLeod Tek Shame Outta Wi Eye At London 2017

I didn’t even realise that the men’s 110m hurdles finals were today, because I had determined in my heart not to watch any more of the events live, following the back-to-back days of pain we have experienced with Usain’s and Elaine’s losses at the World Championships. No, I was not ready, and I was not able, and I was not willing.

So when my friend Keresa (yes, she ina mi life like water ina everything lol) Whatsapped me and I saw ‘Omar!!!!!!’ I almost tripped over my laptop cord to get to the TV to watch the replay as we finally shook the monkey off our backs to claim our first title of these games.

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My World Championships 2017 Wishlist For Team Jamaica

Howdy, y’all! It’s been a while and a half since I’ve visited these parts. Didn’t have much of anything I wanted to write about, at least not publicly, so I’ve kept my mouth shut. But it’s World Championships time again, so chatterbox mode, activate! Couch Potato Pundit reporting for duty, Dutchie covers in hand. My neighbours are about to hate me again, but a so life go.

I’m ba-ack!

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